Rainbow Industrial Fabric

Importers and Suppliers of KZN's largest stockists fusing for clothing.

Rainbow Industrial Fabrics, 2002 Importers and suppliers of: EVA – Roll form, and sheets 1mm to 10mm. KZN's largest stockists fuse for clothing, i.e., shirts, collars, and sleeves. Woven, non-woven, and knit. Suppliers of Spunbond from 10 gsm to 150 gsm in hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties

Stockists of spun lace cleaning wipes and rolls in various colours including linen savers and mop caps. We also assist with specialized CMT services to local and international companies with regards to sand bags, flower pockets, filter sleeves, and anti-mild dew bags. We are a proudly South African Level 1 BBBEEE contributor.